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Ecogreen grease trap products are excellent in dissolving fats, oils and grease in piping and grease traps, thereby preventing expensive plumbing blockages. They are excellent products for any establishment which produces large amounts of grease and oil based waste, such as food manufacturers and restaurants and hotels.

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Formulated for Grease Traps & Grease ConvertersDose and leave (see Specifications Tab for dosage..
NZ$115.00 NZ$69.00
Ex Tax: NZ$60.00
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Formulated for Grease Traps & Grease ConvertersDose and leave (see Specifications Tab for dosage..
NZ$550.00 NZ$400.00
Ex Tax: NZ$347.83
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Specifically designed for the automatic dosing of enzyme and bacteria solutions into grease traps, g..
NZ$690.00 NZ$575.00
Ex Tax: NZ$500.00
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Spore & Mould Eliminator 500ml
Spray and leave Readily Biodegradable Kills mould, bacteria and bacterial spores Easy to us..
Special price:NZ$15.99
Old price:NZ$19.95
You save:NZ$3.96
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Toilet Cleaner - 500ml
Spray and leaveContains beneficial bacteria to remove the source – no deodorisingRemoves the odour a..
Special price:NZ$12.95
Old price:NZ$19.55
You save:NZ$6.60
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Alcohol Free Surface Sanitiser - 500ml
Spray & LeaveKills 99.9% of germs fastAlcohol Free, rinse free, non-sticky formulaNon-flammableN..
Special price:NZ$14.99
Old price:NZ$18.98
You save:NZ$3.98
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Drain & Pipe Clear - 500ml
Spray and leave Contains beneficial bacteria to remove the source Removes waste, grime & Lime ..
Special price:NZ$12.95
Old price:NZ$19.95
You save:NZ$7.00
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Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitiser - 500ml Bottle
Effective for up to 4 hoursKills 99.99% of germs fastContains Effective Disinfectant against COVID-1..
Special price:NZ$15.50
Old price:NZ$19.50
You save:NZ$4.00
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