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Alcohol Free Hand Sanitiser 500ml Bottle & Wall BracketEffective for up to 4 hoursKills 99.99% o..
NZ$28.00 NZ$22.90
Ex Tax: NZ$19.91
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Simple, Strong & SecureEasy to installAluminium Comes with fixings for wall (as well as for..
NZ$13.50 NZ$12.95
Ex Tax: NZ$11.26
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Aids in the dispersal of CleanAir to control mould & bacteriaCan be set for use '24 Hours On', '..
Ex Tax: NZ$30.43
Specifically designed for the automatic dosing of enzyme and bacteria solutions into grease traps, g..
NZ$690.00 NZ$575.00
Ex Tax: NZ$500.00
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EconomicalReusable 1000ml Refill Cartridge*Easy to installStylishSecureEcogreen Wall Mounted Manual ..
NZ$39.95 NZ$26.95
Ex Tax: NZ$23.43
Hurry! only 14 item(s) left!
EconomicalReusable 1 lt Refill Cartridge*Easy to installStylishSecureEcogreen Wall Mounted Manual Di..
Ex Tax: NZ$50.00
EconomicalReusable 800ml Refill Cartridge*Easy to installStylishSecureDimensions: 265mm (H), 115mm (..
NZ$57.50 NZ$31.00
Ex Tax: NZ$26.96
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Spore & Mould Eliminator 500ml
Spray and leave Readily Biodegradable Kills mould, bacteria and bacterial spores Easy to us..
Special price:NZ$15.50
Old price:NZ$19.95
You save:NZ$4.45
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Toilet Cleaner - 500ml
Spray and leaveContains beneficial bacteria to remove the source – no deodorisingRemoves the odour a..
Special price:NZ$12.50
Old price:NZ$19.55
You save:NZ$7.05
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Alcohol Free Surface Sanitiser - 500ml
Spray & LeaveKills 99.9% of germs fastAlcohol Free, rinse free, non-sticky formulaEffective for ..
Special price:NZ$14.50
Old price:NZ$18.98
You save:NZ$4.48
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Drain & Pipe Clear - 500ml
Spray and leave Contains beneficial bacteria to remove the source Removes waste, grime & Lime ..
Special price:NZ$13.75
Old price:NZ$19.95
You save:NZ$6.20
Hurry! only 27 item(s) left! 42 item(s) already purchased!
Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitiser - 500ml Bottle
Effective for up to 4 hoursKills 99.99% of germs fastRepeat use will not dry skinRinse free, non-sti..
Special price:NZ$15.95
Old price:NZ$19.50
You save:NZ$3.55
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