Foot Odour Control 500ml

Foot Odour Control 500ml

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Does a certain odour embarrass you when you take off your shoes, especially in public places? An effective remedy to this is now available! Use Ecogreen Foot Odour Control and Sanitiser, one of the best products for odour control.

There are multiple benefits for using a natural odour neutraliser.

  • It works directly on the feet to remove odour at the source of the problem.
  • Using essential oils with anti-microbial properties, your feet are treated in a hygienic manner.
  • It also contains no harmful toxic chemicals and is an environmental friendly product.

Ecogreen Foot Odour Control and Sanitiser is a powerful natural odour eliminator. Made by carefully selecting a blend of essential oils, these contain anti-microbial properties. By treating feet and removing the source of odour, shoes and socks do not retain the foul smell.

Using a natural odour absorber also increases overall foot hygiene levels, so you are reassured you are using the right product. It is an affordable alternative to conventional foot scrubbers or lotions available through your local supermarket.

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Ecogreen Foot Odour Control and Sanitiser is made from essential oils containing anti-microbial properties. These work on the foot to treat the source of odour, acting as a natural odour neutraliserIt also increases foot hygiene for an overall healthier foot.

Method of Usage

Spray liberally on feet, shoes and socks as required.

Directions for Usage

Spray liberally on feet, socks and shoes. Allow to settle and dry.

Special Instructions


For optimum results

Spray then allow the liquid to settle and dry out naturally. Do not wipe dry.


It is a clear liquid with fresh scent of peppermint.


Use within 24 months from date of manufacture. Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight.

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